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Writer:Miyuki Matsu

Hello, I’m Miyuki. I was born in Kyoto and live in the suburbs of Tokyo, surrounded by natural scenery throughout the year.

I like to go on a trip and finished visiting all districts over Japan. I have a national license of guiding.

so I would like to take you spectacular spots on outskirts of Tokyo, and other cities.

Yakushiike Park is rich in the beauty of nature; April

April 11, 2016

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A beautiful arched bridge with cherry blossoms

Hi, I’m Miyuki, national licensed guide. I show you around the suburbs of Tokyo.

If you feel bored a little bit with the center of Tokyo, why don’t come to see Yakushiike Park in Machida city?
This park is featuring the essence of Japanese garden.
There are about 300 cherry trees in full bloom until the middle of April.
In the park, you may enjoy strolling around traditional arched bridge, praying for your happiness at an ancient temple, seeing hatched-roofed residences of pharmacist and wealthy farmer. Would you like to take a rest in Japanese-style cafe, if you feel tired a little?
Besides spring, you may enjoy seeing natural beauty in the park throughout the year.
In addition, the admission fee is always free!

Yakushido, a main hall in Fukuouji temple, said to be built in the 8th century but restored a few times until now

The decrative alter placed in front of the main hall for cerebrating Buddha’s birthday, April 8th

The residence of Ogino Family (a clinic operated until the 19th century designated as a tangible cultural asset in Tokyo)

The Nagais’ residence (a rich farmer’s house built in the 17th cenctury designated as an important national cultural property)

Traditional Japanese-stytle cafe “Yakushi-jaya”

Japanese sweets (rice cakes with beans jam and roasted soy flour), pickles and tea served at Yakushi-jaya

For Machida, it takes about 30minutes from Shinjuku by Super express train called “Romance Car” on Odakyu Line.
Yakushiike Park is located about 15 min. from Machida by bus or from Tsurukawa Station.

From Machida station (Odakyu Line or JR)
Take a bus at #21 bus stop in front of the Pop Building,
"Honmachida keiyu Tsurukawa eki iki" (to Tsurukawa Sta. via Hon-machida), or "Nozuta shako iki" (to Nozutashako) and disembark at "Yakushiike".

From Tsurukawa Station (Odakyu Line)
Take a bus at #0 busstop near the KOHBAN
"Honmachida keiyu Machida iki" (to Machida Sta. via Honmachida) and disembark at "Yakushiike", or
“Yakushidai-center iki” and disembark at the last bus stop. Walk down the street about 10min. below the tunnel. You cannot miss it.

This is a map for car.

If you are interested in Yakushiike Park, please contact me. (