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Writer:Yuta Sakaguchi

Hi, I’m Yuta. I grew up and live in Yokohama, a port city near Tokyo. I once lived in Kichijoji, located in the western part of Tokyo. I love walking around a street and taking pictures. On my article I introduce attractions mainly of Tokyo with many wonderful pictures. Please enjoy them!

Kappabashi Dougu Street: get various goods that are available only in Japan!

December 24, 2015

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The monument of a large cook at the south entrance of Kappabashi Dougu Street


Kappabashi Dougu Street is a shopping street about 800 meters long between Asakusa and Ueno. The street is lined with about 170 shops centering on specialist stores related to meals and cooking. They sell mainly cooking tools, tableware and food sample for professionals (though there are many shops for professionals, ordinary people are also welcomed). You can buy a special cooking tool made by Japanese craftsman that is available only in Japan, so the street is also popular for foreign people. It is said that the street was formed in the Taisho period (1912 - 1926) and shops related to meals and cooking have been packed in the street after World War II. Now it becomes the representative shopping street of Japan where you can buy many tools and it is crowded with many visitors from within Japan and abroad. Don’t miss the monument of a large cook at the south entrance of Kappabashi Dougu Street (Kikuyabashi crossing) and Golden statue of Kappa Kawataro located around the middle of the street that derives from the local legend of the kappa (a mischievous Japanese water sprite).
You can get various goods that are available only in Japan such as Japanese Kitchen Knives and food sample in Kappabashi Dougu Street. I greatly recommend this place.

Recommended shops

Cooking tools
- Kamaasa shoten
- Yamaya shoten
- Tsubaya (Japanese Kitchen Knives)

- Okuda shoten (Japanese tableware)
- Nishiyama shikki (Japanese lacquer ware, the oldest shop in the street)
- Komatsuya (pottery)

Food sample
- Iwasaki Be-I
- Maiduru
- Sato Food Samples

- Honma store (ingredients and packaging goods)

Kamaasa shoten

Yamaya shoten

Japanese Kitchen Knives

Nishiyama shikki


Japanese tableware

Food samples

A food sample shop

Honma store

Golden statue of Kappa Kawataro