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Writer:Yuta Sakaguchi

Hi, I’m Yuta. I grew up and live in Yokohama, a port city near Tokyo. I once lived in Kichijoji, located in the western part of Tokyo. I love walking around a street and taking pictures. On my article I introduce attractions mainly of Tokyo with many wonderful pictures. Please enjoy them!

Inokashira Park: a scenic park in Kichijoji

April 30, 2015

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The view of Inokashira Pond from Nanaibashi Bridge


Inokashira Park is a Tokyo Metropolitan park in Kichijoji, which is very popular in Tokyo. It is a relaxing place for citizens with a lot of green. Promenades are built around a big pond called Inokashira Pond in the heart of the park, so you can enjoy walking there. Cherry blossoms in spring and colored leaves in autumn create beautiful scenery. Also there is a copse preserving the appearance of Musashino at Gotenyama. Its total area is about 400,000 square meters and there are the Ghibli Museum, a zoo and an athletic field.

Inokashira Pond

Inokashira Pond, a boat boarding point and Nanaibashi Bridge

Inokashira Pond is located in the heart of the park and an extremely large pond covering 43,000 square meters. It is a scenic pond over which branches of trees push out. The view from Nanaibashi Bridge and Hyotanbashi Bridge are recommendable. In particular the scenery from Nanaibashi Bridge in the season of cherry blossoms is excellent. Inokashira Pond is fed by a spring and a headstream of the Kanda River. In the Edo period (1603 - 1868), it was the water source of the Kanda Waterworks and supported the lives of people in Edo (former Tokyo). In addition, there is fine spring water called Ochanomizu on the west of the pond and it is said that Ieyasu TOKUGAWA (a leader of samurai) used the water to make tea. A boat boarding point is located at the pond and you can ride in a rowboat for 700 yen per an hour. There is urban legend that a couple that rides in a boat in Inokashira Park would separate, but it is thoroughly rumor so please enjoy a boat without caring about it.

Nanaibashi Bridge

The view of Inokashira Pond from Nanaibashi Bridge

The view of Inokashira Pond from Komaebashi Bridge

The view of Inokashira Pond from Hyotanbashi Bridge


A boat boarding point

Inokashira Benzaiten Shrine

Inokashira Benzaiten Shrine

Benzaiten Shrine is located at the edge of Inokashira Pond. It has been familiar to the common people since the Edo period and its vermilion-lacquered building is wonderful. It is said that the shrine was established in the 10th century and the present building was rebuilt in 1928. The god of water is enshrined there and it is regarded as having the benefit of art, literature, rich harvest and money. It has good atmosphere so I recommend you visit there though it is not a very large shrine.

The main building of Benzaiten Shrine

Chozusha (building for cleaning hands and rinsing mouth)

The appearance of Benzaiten Shrine

The appearance of Benzaiten Shrine

The Ghibli Museum

The Ghibli Museum; quoted from Mitakanavi

The Ghibli Museum is also located in Inokashira Park. It is a museum of Studio Ghibli led by Hayao MIYAZAKI, the world famous animated filmmaker. You can enjoy Ghibli’s view of the world and the filmmaking process. For admission you need to purchase a ticket at Lawson, a major convenience store chain in advance.

There are various general goods stores and restaurants between Kichijoji station and Inokashira Park and it is crowded with many people. Many unique shops are opened and it is very fun to walk there.

I hope you visit Inokashira Park where you can enjoy various scenery.

Inokashira Pond at sunset