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Writer:Yuta Sakaguchi

Hi, I’m Yuta. I grew up and live in Yokohama, a port city near Tokyo. I once lived in Kichijoji, located in the western part of Tokyo. I love walking around a street and taking pictures. On my article I introduce attractions mainly of Tokyo with many wonderful pictures. Please enjoy them!

Mugiyama floating bridge on Lake Okutama

November 11, 2015

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I would like to introduce Mugiyama floating bridge on Lake Okutama as last part of a short trip to Okutama.

Lake Okutama is the man-made lake of Ogochi Dam, which the Tama river was dammed to create.
The formal name is Ogochi Reservoir.
Lake Okutama is one of the lakes which you can go to easily from Tokyo.

You can enjoy beautiful natural scenery of the lake and mountains.
The scenery from each of the seasons are also enjoyable, for example, cherry blossom, autumn leaves.

This time I could see beautiful autumn leaves on mountains.
Also it was very fun to walk across the floating bridge.
As people walked the bridge shook, so it was a little thrilling.