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Writer:Yuta Sakaguchi

Hi, I’m Yuta. I grew up and live in Yokohama, a port city near Tokyo. I once lived in Kichijoji, located in the western part of Tokyo. I love walking around a street and taking pictures. On my article I introduce attractions mainly of Tokyo with many wonderful pictures. Please enjoy them!

Taking a rest at a Kanmidokoro in Ueno

September 22, 2014

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After visiting the ukiyoe exhibition I took a rest at Kanmidokoro near the art museum.
Kanmidokoro is a Japanese traditional sweets parlor which serves zenzai (baked rice cakes and an sweet red bean soup), anmitsu (boiled beans with bean jam, cubes of agar gelatin, other delicacies such as fruits, which syrup is poured on), kudzukiri (noodles made from kudzu flour which is eaten with syrup), dango (sweet rice dumplings), Matcha ice cream (ice cream flavored with green tea) and so on.

The parlor has a history of about 140 years and a very nice atmosphere. The building was old and quaint.

The appearance

The inside

In this nice parlor, I ate kudzukiri. Because it is autumn it was topped with nama-fu (fresh gluten cakes) shaped like a leaf of maple tree that has turned red. It is very good of Japanese foods and sweets to value the sense of season.


My companion ate cream anmitsu (anmitsu with ice cream). This looked delicious.

Cream anmitsu (A panda in the picture has nothing to do with the sweet.)

The parlor was really wonderful. I recommend that you go to this parlor if you go near Ueno.