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Meet with Geisha in Asakusa, Tokyo! 〜浅草芸者に逢える会〜

March 7, 2016

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Geisha in Asakusa

* The event will be held as planned! (当イベントは予定通り開催致します。)
* 日本語での説明もございます。
* You need to purchase the ticket at the following site for participation.

Outline of the event

This is a one of a kind opportunity to play games at a dinner party with Geisha and watch an authentic Geisha dance! (You can also take pictures with the Geisha and there will be people who can communicate in Japanese and English as well.)
Geisha are well-known to the world as a symbol of Japanese culture. They are skilled entertainers who bring joy to banquets through traditional Japanese performance arts such as song, dance and "shamisen" (long three stringed Japanese guitar played with a pick). However, even in Japan, Japanese people hardly have an opportunity to meet with real Geisha. Therefore, together with the principal of Bando Private School (a kimono school managed by Geisha in active service), we have planned a party where everyone can casually communicate with Geisha in Asakusa. The venue is "CAFE & BAR Suzuro" near Kaminarimon Gate of Sensoji Temple. It features a stylish and modern crimson Japanese interior.
Don't miss this golden opportunity! We look forward to seeing you at the event!
*The Geisha and the venue on the cover photo are a representation of what the event may look like.


 芸者は日本を象徴する文化の一つとして世界中で知られています。唄や踊り、三味線など日本の伝統芸能で宴席を盛り上げ、お客様をおもてなしします。しかし、本物の芸者さんに逢える機会は日本人にもほとんどありません。そこで、「坂東塾」塾長とともに、どなた様でもお気軽に浅草の芸者さん達と交流出来る会を企画しました。会場は浅草寺・雷門近くのCAFE & BAR 鈴楼。真っ赤なジャパニーズモダンな内装が特徴のお店です。
※ カバー写真の芸者さんや会場は当日のものとは異なります。

CAFE & BAR Suzuro

Detail information of the event

* All of the following dates are Japan Time (UTC + 9).

【Event date & time】

Date: March 13, 2016 (Sun)
Time: 16:30 – 18:30 (the venue opens at 16:15)

【The venue】

CAFE & BAR Suzuro
1-20-5, Asakusa, Taito ward, Tokyo


10,000 yen (includes time with Geisha and unlimited drinks, along with a light meal. Excludes tax.)
Tickets will be sold until March 9, 2016 (Wed)

After March 10 to the day, you can buy a ticket (includes time with Geisha and unlimited drinks. Excludes a light meal) for 10,000 yen (includes tax).
The ticket is also available at the venue on the day.

【Max number of participants】

30 people

【The cancellation fee】

Cancelation before March 5: no fee
Cancel after March 6: 100% of the expense

【To participate】

Purchase a ticket on Peatix and present your ticket at the venue on the day of the event.

【The hosts】

Ambassadors Japan, Inc.
- We manage a website called “Ambassadors Japan” where goodwill ambassadors living in Japan introduce the attractions of Japan to you.

Bando private school
We teach women how to properly wear a kimono to further enhance their feminine beauty. All classes are taught by Geisha in active service.


Ambassadors Japan, Inc.


※ 下記日時は全て日本時間(UTC + 9)に準じます。













※ 2016年3月10日(木)から当日まで、税込10,000円のチケットを販売致します。(玉代、ドリンク飲み放題含む。軽食は含まれません。)




日本各地の草の根親善大使が訪日外国人向けに日本の魅力を紹介するwebサイト ”Ambassadors Japan”を運営。




CAFE & BAR Suzuro

CAFE & BAR Suzuro

CAFE & BAR Suzuro

CAFE & BAR Suzuro