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Sebastiano Serafini to release THREE new singles in October

October 13, 2015

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Since 2013 Sebastiano Serafini has been a very active independent solo artists in the music scene. Having started a successful career in modelling, Sebastiano has since branched out and has released several consecutive hits in a very short time. Sebastiano - whose growing discography includes Fallen, Never Walk Alone, INORI, I BLEED, and Don't Say, is known for his experimental approach which blends striking visuals and a variety of musical genres to create stirring works of art - a process which has become characteristic of Sebastiano's personal style. Having released four singles thus far in 2015 alone, Sebastiano shows no signs of slowing down and his latest projects are his most ambitious to date.

Sebastiano will be releasing a double-single entitled AKANE + TSUBASA. The cover art was designed by Max Rambaldi AKA Digital Makeup whose previous collaborations with Sebastiano includes "I BLEED", the 2015 remake of "Your Knight", "Give Me Your Heart", and most recently "Don't Say". Rambaldi is known for her technique of redrawing photography and through digital penciling and coloring she is able to create life-like illustrations of real people with an astonishing level of detail. Rambaldi's cover for TSUBASA is one such example of this technique, while AKANE's cover maintains Rambaldi's signature style while incorporating aesthetics normally seen in stained glass windows. While details of these songs are being kept secret, Sebastiano’s history of exploring the deeper meanings and intricacies of words and ideas will ensure that these songs will be a treat to long-time fans and newcomers alike. AKANE + TSUBASA are available for preorder on iTunes and will be released Friday, October 23rd.

Sebastiano is known for his collaborations with other musicians and on October 10th he released a new version of "When The Night Kills The Day" featuring DNR guitarist Yu Phoenix. Long-time fans will recall Sebastiano and Phoenix working together on 2013's "Your Knight". The two are joined by Freedom Call guitarist Lars Rettkowitz. The three worked together writing the lyrics and composing the song, while arrangment/mixing was handled exclusively by Rettkowitz. Max Rambaldi designed the single's cover art.

The themes of "When The Night Kills The Day" are rebirth and new beginnings. It is often difficult to rise above life's challenges are there are many people fighting through uncertainty to reach their dreams. Sometimes only a person's inner-strength can carry them through the storm. Sebastiano continues to explore the beauty in contrasts as the music is at times dark and heavy, while the lyrics are hopeful and inspiring, reminding listeners that they can rise, face it all, and chase their freedom.

A video for "When The Night Kills The Day" stars Sebastiano and fashion model Yamauchi Ai. Chie Hidaka provided makeup while Kaori Mitsuki of Meetskiss designed the costumes. Accessories were provided by Gintoki - one of Japan's premiere accessory shops. The video was produced and directed by Sebastiano, and shot by Anthony Knight and Fabian Parkes who also shot the video for "Don't Say".

October will certainly be a big month for music fans.

When the Night Kills the Day is available on iTunes:



Article written by: Matthew Whetstone

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