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December 27, 2014

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I would like to introduce “HEAVY POP”, an event held in Koenji last month.
HEAVY POP is an event, which junior high and high school students can enjoy comfortably and is held by Ray Ochiai under the theme of “Harajuku fashion, supernumerary ornamentation, all-around DJ, sales of indie brand goods and live show”.
Ray is a freelance photographer. He can manage a wide range of requests, such as reader models, visual style rock musicians, portraits, landscapes, fashion and goods, so he receives a high evaluation from all quarters. He also took the main image of Sebastiano Serafini’s blog, who I featured on this site.

I was told about HEAVY POP by Ray and got interested in the event very much. So I decided to cover it.
HEAVY POP is held on a regular basis. It is usually featuring DJ play, but this time the event is named ”LIVE SPECIAL” and various musicians performed live mainly.

The event was held on November 25 from 17 pm to 23 pm, at a club called “Koenji Missions”.
When I entered the event site, I was surprised with how strongly the participants insist to fashion. They looked very nice and I took pictures of 6 people.

Furthermore, the event got so lively and 6 hours had passed before I knew it.
I didn't get tired of the event because I could see a variety of shows, such as DJ plays, live shows and fashion shows.
Many music played at the event were easy to enjoy for many people. I think people who don’t go to a club usually can enjoy the event.
It is a wonderful event, which is unique but able to be participated without difficulty.
Finally I was devoted to it forgetting that I had come for collecting data.


Ray Ochiai


Mask maid (HELLSAUNA)


I wanted to know the event in detail and was able to listen to Ray later.
So I would like to introduce his story below.

Q: Please tell me the reason you started HEAVY POP.

A: What led me to start this was that there were many young girls, who were interested in fashion and wanted to start DJ play, around me.
I could book guest performers using personal connections and make a flyer by experience that I had organized personal and group exhibitions, so I tried to start this. At first I planed the event through trial and error.

Q: What is the HEAVY POP concept?

A: Various genres. Everything is accepted.
Minors can visit and enjoy the event comfortably.
No smoking or separating the smoking section within the place.
There are a lot of highlights, such as Harajuku fashion, supernumerary ornamentation, art and music, and sales of indie brand goods.

Q: What kind of people are those visit the event mainly?

A: There are many people who insist to fashion.

Q: What kinds of standards are used to choose the performers?

A: I choose those play music that is not complicated and easy to listen to for beginners. On the other hand I also choose the performers so as to give visitors experience in hard music.
In addition, those the organizer like are invited.

Q: Do you have anything you want to emphasize?

A: HEAVY POP is safe and secure.

Anyhow, HEAVY POP is an event even beginners can enjoy.
It will be held on regular basis from now on. How about you visit HEAVY POP?


HEAVY POP official site: