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LAOX Shinjuku branch opens ready to serve customers with counters selling Muslim-friendly products

June 6, 2015

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LAOX Shinjuku branch

The Shinjuku branch of Industry Leader of Tax-Free Shop “LAOX” is opening in Shinjuku today followed by LAOX AKIHABARA, which is very popular for its Muslim correspondence. They carry many halal products made in Japan. We recommend you look here for souvenirs!

Industry Leader of Duty-Free Shop “LAOX Akihabara” Starts Selling Halal Products

With an envision on the future, LAOX is planning to reinforce its system of accepting customers from ASEAN countries and not only customers from China, which are currently creating the most sales. Support for Muslim correspondence was carried out by the Made in japan halal committee(

LAOX Shinjuku branch

Ada beragam variasi produk-produk yang ramah Muslim (Muslim-friendly)

The Muslim-friendly product section

Variety of products

Ada tempat shalat (terpisah untuk pria dan wanita).

Worship space

Worship space

Staff Muslim dengan senang hati akan memandu Anda.

Muslim Staff

-Floor Guide-

5F Watch, Jewelry, Gold works
6F Cosmetic, Makeup Goods, Health Foods, Medicines, Foods
7F Home Appliances, Audio, Digital Camera, Folkcraft, Kitchen wares, Souvenir, Toys
8F Women’s Fashion/Men’s Fashion, Fashion Goods, Brand Bags, Cafe

-Muslim Welcome-

1.Souvenir Section @6F
2.Prayer Space for Women @6F
3.Prayer Space for Men @7F
*Prayer mats and Qibla compasses are available
4.Concierge Service @5F
*Restaurants, Masjids, Hotels and other facilities in Tokyo
5.Muslim Staff @6F

-Souvenir Line-ups-

As of June 2015

・NPNA Ramen / Halal Udon, Soba, Ramen
・Halal Matcha
・Halal Sweets (Chocolates, Brownsugar-coated peanuts, Sponge cakes)
・NPNA Sweets (Dried Sweet potato, Imo Amanatto)
・Halal Rice crackers
・Halal Jams
・Halal Seasonings
・Organic Worcestershire
・Brown rice Oil
・Hotspring Water


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