About Ambassadors Japan

■ Outline

On Ambassadors Japan, goodwill ambassadors living in Japan give you information about travel and daily life in Japan. Each ambassador conveys the appeal of his/her hometown or information about what he/she is interested in. You can get not superficial but profound information that only he/she can give you.

■ The beginning of this site

I love travel in foreign countries. I have gone to Vietnam for traveling and seeing my friend before. Then I got opportunity to go to restaurant that was known by only native people. Of course, this place was not on a guidebook but very wonderful place. Then I thought what is valuable is not information by a guidebook but that by people who are living there.
For some time back, I feel the attraction of Tokyo whenever I return to Tokyo from oversea. For example, delicious foods, convenient lifestyle, variety of leisure and vibrancy of the big city are very attractive. Because of the experience in Vietnam, I decided to convey the appeal of Tokyo from my point of view. At first, I convey the attractive point of Tokyo; especially Kichijoji where I was living then, on Facebook page named “Tokyo Daily Life”. Also I once opened a website of “Tokyo Daily Life”.
However I wanted to let people know about not only the appeal of Tokyo but also that of various places in Japan, and many people living in Japan to convey the appeal of their home town or what they are interested in. So I have redesigned the website and renamed to "Ambassadors Japan". I myself would like to convey the appeal of Kanagawa prefecture (including Yokohama, Kamakura, Hakone, etc.) where I was born and raised to you.
I’m glad if you know Japan in detail and love Japan because of this site.

■ Ambassadors Wanted

We, Ambassadors Japan Team want new ambassadors. If you are living in Japan and interested in conveying the information about Japan to people all over the world, please join our team. You can send email and let us know your intention of joining from “Contact us” of the footer.

Yuta Sakaguchi
The chief editor of Ambassadors Japan